The Co-op Podcast 77: What Do We Want From The Next Mortal Kombat Game?

We’re almost a week away from E3 2014, so we had tons to talk about on this week’s episode of The Co-op Podcast. One of those things was the upcoming announcement from Ed Boon next week. By now it’s highly suspected the announcement will be Mortal Kombat 10. We’ve seen leaked posters, a new Mortal Kombat dragon symbol and constant teases from Ed Boon himself. Mortal Kombat 9 was almost the perfect fighting game, but what exactly do we want from a new Mortal Kombat game? What could they change? What could be better? Listen to our thoughts and let us know what you think below.

Both The Order 1886 from Sony and Quantum Break from Remedy/Microsoft were delayed to 2015, so what does this mean for Fall 2014? Which exclusive games can we look forward to enjoying later this year? At E3 will we learn about some new exclusives dropping this Fall on each console? We have heated discussions over all these questions on the show.

Information on Battlefield: Hardline leaked out early, and we’re all pretty excited for the game. However, is this considered overkill seeing as it’s taken Dice months to fix Battlefield 4? Do we even want to see Battlefield turn into a yearly series? We have a long discussion surrounding this title, and we even get sidetracked and start speaking on games like Mass Effect and Madden being turned into yearly I.P’s.

Also we give a live review of Watch_Dogs since four people on the show had the chance to pick up the game and play it this week. What do you guys think of Watch_Dogs? Let us know.

We were joined by IxxIconxxI, Michael A. Kieran Blackman and Charles Singletary on this week’s show, be sure to follow them. Also, let us know if you’re interested in appearing on our pre-E3 2014 show next week.

Music: 50 Cent- Hold On

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