The Co-op Podcast #81: Should Companies Try Harder To Secure 3rd Party Exclusive Titles?

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Welcome back to The Co-op podcast. This week Jakejames Lugo, Richard Bailey Jr. Charles Singletary and I are joined once again by Austin Conway and Michael A. Our main discussion, which turned out to be a debate, was based on hardware manufacturers such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo securing exclusives from 3rd party publishers. Should these companies try harder to secure games like Titanfall, Mass Effect and Metal Gear Solid and keep them exclusive? Does going exclusive with an I.P mean the game will be better? Be sure to add your thoughts to our intense discussion.


Also on this show we touch on Cliff Bleszinski bringing the Arena shooter back with his newly announced title Bluestreak. In today’s age of Call of Duty, does the Arena shooter reach the level of popularity it once had? Many of us believe there’s more skill involved in Arena shooters than twitch shooters such as Call of Duty. Call of Duty has spawned a whole new type of gamer, but will these same gamers embrace the return of the arena shooter? Will the free-to-play model be a turn off? Let us know what you think.

Cole Train may be returning for the next Gears of War. Do we think this game should bring back old characters? Is Cole train someone we want to see come back? We had a long discussion on this but would love to hear your thoughts too.

Finally, we also touch on the new Alien Isolation Pre-Order DLC which will allow players to relive classic scenes from the original Alien movie. What exactly do we want from Alien games? Let us know.

Because we all had so much to say about these topics, we put the recorder back on after the show to record a Co-op After dark discussion. This is an additional piece of audio and completely optional for listeners who want to hear us discuss these topics further.

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