Battleborn Announced by Gearbox, First Person MOBA Coming to PC, PS4 & XB1

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Gearbox today announced a new first-person battle arena game Battleborn, coming to the PC, Xbox One and PS4. Check out the announcement trailer above.

The reveal came from Game Informer, where they had the first details about the game:

We visited Gearbox’s studio in Plano, Texas to talk with the developers about Battleborn and play the first announced competitive match type for Game Informer’s August cover story. We played hours of Incursion, an inventive 5 vs. 5 mode that combines fast-paced first-person gameplay with the strategic team-based elements of games like League of Legends and Dota 2. Rival battleborn hunt one another in lush jungles and arid deserts while robotic NPC minions wage an ongoing tug-of-war. Players start on a level playing field at the beginning of each match, progressing along a streamlined skill path up to level 20 filled with customizable abilities that unlock a variety of different play styles. Many of these gameplay elements will also bleed into Battleborn’s five-player cooperative campaign, which Gearbox isn’t saying much about yet.

Gearbox’s unique universal apocalypse premise pulls together a ton of unlockable playable heroes that not only look wildly different, but control like they’re from entirely different first-person games. The consummate space marine feels like he’s been ripped from any modern shooter. A spry elven huntress leaps far above other players’ heads and rains down volleys of deadly arrows, evoking memories of high fantasy heroes. Imagine an archetype you’ve always wanted to pit against another in a first-person shooter, and that’s the dream Gearbox is bringing to life.

While I am obviously interested in the next Gearbox game, I’m not sure the MOBA genre is for me. Hopefully Gearbox can show me something to change my mind about this, they’ve got some convincing to do.

There has been no word about a release date yet, so it might be a while before we hear much more about the game, but for now let me know what you think of Battleborn in the comments below.

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