The Co-op Podcast #83: Will Destiny Live Up To The Hype Once Released?

With gamers currently going crazy over the Destiny Beta, we decided to share our thoughts on not only the Beta itself, but also the official release of Destiny in September. It’s easy to be the talk of the town when you have an open beta available for everyone to play, because what gamer won’t be happy playing a game two months before release? But will Destiny actually be able to live up to all the hype once the full game releases in two months? Let us know your thoughts after you hear our discussion.

The Uncharted movie was given an official release date (June 10th, 2016), so we share our expectations of this movie and who could possibly take on the role of Nathan Drake. Will this movie remove the stigma of all video game movies being horrible?

EA has delayed both Battlefield: Hardline (to 2015) and Dragon Age: Inquisition (to November 2014). With games still getting delayed so close to their initial release window, could we see even more games pushed back to 2015? Was anyone even looking forward to picking up Battlefield: Hardline this year?

The Wii U sales have doubled since E3, so is it time to stop looking at the Wii U as a failing system? It seems like there’s some great upcoming software for the system, so perhaps the console still has a chance to dominate this generation. Let us know your thoughts.

In our final topic, we share our thoughts on The Last of Us voice actress Ashley Johnson (Ellie) getting vocal about Ubisoft’s lack of a female lead in Assassin’s Creed Unity. Be sure to listen to our rants and let us know how you feel about the situation.

This week’s panel: Richard Bailey Jr. (Host), Gary Swaby, Charles Singletary, Michael A. and Tony Polanco.


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