The Order: 1886 Gets a New Trailer Which Features Nikola Tesla; Release Date Revealed

Tesla sure does create some wonderful toys

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During Gamescom, which is happening as we speak, Sony showed off a new trailer for their upcoming exclusive title: The Order: 1886. The trailer features a wide variety of weapons and narration from Nikola Tesla.

Tesla talks about how he feels that he is a tool that is being utilized by The Order in their centuries long war against the forces of darkness. He talks about his part in helping them fight back the evil by building them weapons. He also fears that the weapons he created to help mankind may ultimately destroy them.

Though some of Tesla’s weapons are shown, most of the arsenal seen in this trailer is fairly conventional. Granted, it wasn’t conventional for the time, but there are a lot of rifles, submachine guns and shotguns that we’re all used to. While I can buy that Tesla invented these much earlier than they were in our real world, I would have liked to have some some more outlandish weapons like the energy gun we see in the trailer.

The Order: 1886 will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on February 20.

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