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Throwback Thursday: Rap & Pro Wrestling (1986-2005)

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After this week’s release of WWE 2K14, we are going to look back on some pro wrestling Hip-Hop tracks.

The first of our selected WWE/Hip-Hop tracks is “Hell Yeah” from WWE’s “Aggression” CD released in 2000. WC and Snoop Dogg perform “Hell Yeah” which was Stone Cole Steve Austin‘s theme for that album. “WWF Aggression” was an all-Hip-Hop remix of the wrestler’s themes.

The second track of our selected five is from “The Macho Man” Randy Savage. The deceased wrestler released a rap album in 2003 titled “Be A Man“. This track is the title track of said-album. Throughout the song, Macho Man disses and challenges Hulk Hogan.

Track three is “Keep Frontin’” from John Cena and proper rapper Bumpy Knuckles. This song was on John Cena’s 2005 Hip-Hop album “You Can’t See Me“. His cousin Tha Trademarc was also a highly-featured artist on the album.

The fourth track is from the 80’s – 1986 to be exact. “The Wrestlerock Rumble“. This was a song/skit performed by AWA wrestlers to promote a show in April of that year. It is almost in the form of a cypher and we see performances from Razor Ramon, Mr. Perfect, Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty and more.

The final song is from Run-DMC, with the song titled “The Kings“. This was from the year 2000 “WWF Aggression” CD. This was the D-X theme and first track of the CD.

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