Witness the Glory that is Metal Gear Online’s First Trailer

You can ride a mini-Metal Gear. 'nuff said.

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While The Game Awards show was pretty much a dud, it wasn’t a complete waste of three hours. We got to see a lengthy video of Metal Gear Online. This alone was worth slogging through this show.

The trailer shows a character changing his skins before finally settling on Big Boss. He is accompanied by several soldiers and they go to infiltrate an enemy base. You see a lot of the core game’s stealthy elements play out here but done cooperatively.

Though the demo begins all stealth-like, it eventually turns into a battlefield with soldiers shooting the holy hell out of each other. The highlight is when Big Boss takes over and ride a miniature Metal Gear and begins to destroy his foes… and fight other Metal Gears of course.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will already be a sizeable experience but Metal Gear Online will insure that we all but surrender our lives to Big Boss.

Images courtesy of 4Gamer.net.

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