Bioware Confirms Seamless Introduction Content, All DLC, Cerburus Network For PS3’s Mass Effect 2

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Bioware’s Boss Ray Muzyka talked to the good folks at VG247 and he revealed the process that will make the PS3 gamers excited Mass Effect 2. Bioware are going all out to introduce the universe of Mass Effect to the new realm gamers, expressing Bioware focus on the process of making that happen Ray Muzyka stated basically that this version of Mass Effect 2 will be the ultimate version of the game.

Muzyka said it was important to the studio to “bring some new things to bear” for the PS3 version.

“One of the things we’re doing is that we’re bringing a lot of the post-release downloadable content and will integrate it into the experience, so that PS3 fans can check that out and play it,”

“We’re making sure there’s a really seamless introduction to the world of Mass Effect, for players that haven’t experienced it before,” he said.

“So even though it’s Mass Effect 2 specifically, we’re making sure there’s a nice introduction experience, that provides the back-story and the things that have happened up to that point in the universe, and makes it a really seamless introduction.”

Whatever it is he didn’t want to reveal it just yet, but knowing Bioware it will be something of quality, not whatever you are thinking.

“We haven’t revealed what that is yet. It’ll be something that provides a good introduction and provides a lot of the back-story and introduces you well to the story-arc, and kind of makes you feel like you’re part of it all. And then you can jump right into the action in Mass Effect 2.”


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