Killzone 3 Gameplay With Playstation Move From Gamescom 2010

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Guerilla Games revealed how the Playstation Move will bring yet another element to the Killzone franchise and this ones is all about gameplay, take a look at the presentation and let me know what you think, I think they just killed all the controller whiners out there with this Move( pun intended), oh and btw Killzone 3 looks amazing by far the best looking FPS this generation on consoles.

Don’t worry if you don’t care for Move, the DS3 will be more of a MW2 type scheme this time around but I am not sure why would you want to use that, when the precision of the Move and overall experience seems more natural, it should be interesting how this will fair out in multiplayer, from what I see the DS3 gamers will be the targets of a Time Crisis game.

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