Crysis 2 “Rooftops” Multiplayer Gameplay Footage

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At Gamescom EA released multiplayer footage for Crysis 2 and announced a closed multiplayer beta exclusively for the Xbox 360. I wasn’t too hyped for Crysis 2, however after seeing this must see footage Crysis 2 will now be a  day one purchase for me. The multiplayer runs smoothly with amazing visuals something that impressed the gaming world with the original Crysis, also the different types of combat such as stealth kills, Physical attacks (an amazing sliding kick attack as used in the video), and the standard gun down.

One thing that impressed me about this game was the Nanosuit upgrades which really added to the gameplay and overall multiplayer experience. The game will support 6 mode which are unknown at the time, 12 New York City locations, and players will have a chance to excel through 80 ranks during the multiplayer. I won’t tell you anymore just watch the video footage then you can see why Crysis 2 is on top on my list if must get games for 2011. Tell us what you think about the game in the comments below and will you buying it on March 25 2011?

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