EA Sports Active 2: Real Fitness Trailer

EA Sports Active 2 is setting its sights on becoming the number 1 fitness and exercise game. It comes as no surprise that EA Sports Active 2 has upped the levels since it was designed by fitness experts. The game contains more than 70 exercises and activities ranging from foundational exercise to fun drills. EA Sports Active 2 also comes with its own in game personal trainer that assembles a custom workout program to meet your needs. However, if you just generally want to keep fit you do the EA Sports Active 9 week programme that will keep you in tip top shape.

The peripherals included in the game allows for a complete wireless experience. The wireless motion tracking allows you to incorporate your own fitness tools in your exercise. The game comes with a built-in heartbeat monitor with real time feedback. The heartbeat monitor helps to optimize your workouts which can be uploaded to your online personal profile. Having the online personal profile will let you keep track of your workouts, and tell you how far you are to reaching your fitness goals. EA Sports Active 2 offers much more and all you have to do it watch the video below.