Final Fantasy Versus XIII Multiplatform?

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All Sony Ps3 fanboys have been rejoicing, blogging, and bantering since the announcement of Final Fantasy Versus XIII why?, Because The game was revealed and is promoted as a PlayStation 3 exclusive displaying for PlayStation 3 at the end of their games trailers. The multi-platform Final Fantasy XIII which was recently released by the company has already topped 5.5 million worldwide from going multi Platform becoming the fasting selling game in the Final Fantasy Franchise and it would be stupid to not assume that Square-Enix has benefited from going multi-platform. For years now PlayStation fanboys have taunted Xbox360 gamers saying that Final Fantasy XIII going multi-platform doesn’t mean anything, because their still getting Final Fantasy Versus XIII? Well think again fanboys the game is almost guaranteed to come to the Xbox360.

Yesterday Square-Enix had a Q&A session at an investors briefing where the CEO Yoichi Wada was present. Impressed Watch reported an attendee asked if Final Fantasy Versus XIII will get the same multi-platform treatment as Final Fantasy XIII since the company has benefited from it. Wada replied “We’ll be looking into it internally until right before the formal announcement” what formal announcement? the fanboys are already going on about how this game is on their console what more of a formal announcement do we need? I guess that’s because at E3 Yoichi Wada will walk onto the Microsoft stage at E3 and announce Final Fantasy Versus XIII for Xbox360 with exclusive content.

If this game is announced at E3 for the Xbox360 I don’t want to hear no PlayStation heads talking about how the Xbox 360 version will limit the PlayStation 3 version, because as well know the PlayStation 3 version of the game is already in development probably near completion and will be a PS3 to Xbox360 port and definitely not a game where both versions are being made at the same time.

If I remember correctly there was comments on the net of Final Fantasy Versus XIII saying that it would take multiple Xbox360 consoles to run, however this was probably fuel to hype the fanboy war. Anyways Final Fantasy XIII and Versus are both part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII series so it would only be fair to give the Xbox360 gamers the same treatment. Like last year when Hideo Kojima came on stage and announced Metal Gear Solid for the Xbox360 stealing Sony’s shine i am starting to expect that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be announced this year for the Xbox360 at the Microsoft press conference.

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