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Bungie took time to show of Halo: Reach’s Forge at Comic-Con. Forge is the Halo map editor that lets the Halo community edit and create multiplayer maps. Forge has been revamped and includes plenty of new features merging objects, changing object colors, and day and night settings. New items like vehicle teleporters, forklifts, and golf clubs are also included in Forge. Bungie has also worked on making the creation process easier and smoother by fixing some of the Forge controls.

The classic Halo map, Blood Gulch, makes a return and is now massive. With a new island beyond the map and several different areas added, it will be amazing to see what the Halo community creates in Forge. The team at Bungie created a multiplayer map in Forge that was good enough to make it as a map on disc, that shows you what can be done with these tools.

The new Halo: Reach vidoc details some of the new aspects and features in Forge. Check it out below, and get your creative mind flowing because Halo: reach is out on Sept. 14.

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