Kane & Lynch 2:Dog Days Fragile Alliance Mutiplayer Trailer

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Another trailer detailing the Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days multiplayer modes dropped today this time showcasing the Fragile Alliance Mode. The aim of the Fragile Alliance mode is to steal four million dollars in cash in four minutes by co operating with your allies (number not specified) its a simple get in and get out job.

There will be three rounds and winners will be the ones who have the most cash at the end of all three rounds, however those who die during play re-spawn as cops which seems like they have better weaponry. In the trailer the Fragile Alliance mode was shown on one map whether there is more for the mode is unknown, but i hope so as playing the same map over and over again will get boring and everyone will know all the good spots to win. The Fragile Alliance mode looks interesting and fun,because you never know who might turn on you as they say don’t trust anyone.

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