New Pokémon Black And White Details And Trailer

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A new japanese trailer has emerged revealing much about the upcoming Pokémon Black and Pokémon White games. In this trailer we see what looks like the Generation V version of Super contests called Pokémon Musical and a train similar to the Johto-Kanto Magnet train, however like the S.S. Anne, S.S. Aqua, and S.S. Tidal you can have battles on this train so i presume the train journey is a long one.

Two new Pokémon make their debut in this video as well as new trainer classes such as a baker and an American football player plus many more. As stated before their will be a place in the game called the overworld that will be present in both Black And White, but have version differences which is explored in the trailer. I previously wrote about the PokéShifter feature that transfers Pokémon from Generation IV to Generation V well if you want to see it in action just watch the trailer below and see how you can catch Pokémon with a Bow.

A  New feature shown to us in the trailer is the Dream World where a player can upload their Pokémon to the Internet to extend their play on a new website dedicated to making this happen. The Dream World feature allows for battling in a manner similar to the Safari Zone using no Pokémon and meeting other Pokémon, also In the trailer for the first time we get a look at the enemies of the game Team Plasma enjoy and don’t forget to tell us what you think about the next level of Pokémon on the Nintendo DS. Thanks To ShiningMew2 for the Trailer.

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