Pokémon Black And White Pokémon Transfer Feature Details

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In Generation IV of the Pokémon franchise players were able to transfer Pokémon caught in the Gameboy Advanced games (Generation III) via Pal Park. Oha Suta a children’s program that airs in Japan has revealed that the Pokémon transfer feature seen in the previous Generations will be making a return, but not in the same way. The Pokémon transfer feature in Pokémon Black and White will be called PokéShifter i guess they got the name from the Pokémon shifting from one Generation to another.

How PokéShifter will work you may be asking yourself, well it will work when two DS systems are connected through the wireless communications. One Nintendo DS has to be holding a Generation IV game either Diamond,Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver and the other Pokémon Black or White. The Pokémon will be transferred to a grassy area similar to how Pal Park worked then the player will have to catch the Pokémon in a timed mini game using a Bow that instead of shooting arrows shoots Pokéballs.

Below are just a couple of screens showing the PokéShifter feature and don’t forget to tell us what you think of the feature, because you know we all have dreamed of catching Pokémon how Robin Hood would’ve.

This is i presume the entrance to the Pal Park equivalent (Above) And the mini game for catching the Pokémon transfered is below. The Pokémon will be hiding in the grass for you to capture them with the Bow And Pokéball capturing device taht will be on the touchscreen.

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