Pachter Lets Slip About New Twisted Metal Game

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Analyst Michael Pachter let slip that a new Twisted Metal game is in the works during a conversation with Geoff Keighley on the latest bonus round. In the conversation Patcher was discussing Sony’s upcoming line up for the LA conference in just over two weeks time. Pachter said the following, whether accidental or purposely.

So, I think… Sony really does have good first-party content, none-Move first-party content like David Jaffe’s Twisted Metal 2 Game.”

After Pachter dropped the line, Keighley apparently looked shocked before telling Pachter that “it’s not announced yet”. Pachter continued: “Whatever it’s going to be called. Sorry Jaffe. Jaffe called me his bitch the last time I saw him, so bitch that Jaffe.” David Jaffe himself has been hinting at a new Twisted Metal game for a while now, but whether Pachter was telling the truth with his little “slip up” is currently unknown. I guess we got to find out at E3.

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