Swiff’s E3 Blog: As We Get Closer

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I decided to start off my blogging by expressing my thoughts on E3. I will most likely do one of these E3 Blogs every week from now, even while I am at E3. Also expect some E3 blogs from my colleagues A.B Frasier, Fergus Mills and Richard Bailey. This is not the first time you’ve seen me blog of course, as I used to have the Swiff’s Rant series. But as you have seen, Managing Director A.B Frasier encouraged us all to start giving you readers a little more of us.

As E3 gets closer, I am getting more excited. Currently we are going through the whole scheduling phase, where we are booking all kinds of appointments with the publishers who will be exhibiting. One thing I love about being on team Koalition, is that every single person here is dedicated. Emailing out for appointments and building a schedule is more time consuming than you may think. But the fact that everybody here is so motivated ensures that we won’t be at E3 walking around looking like lemons.

See a lot of people get it twisted; they think that attending these conventions is all about playing games early and having fun. At the end of the day, I am going to E3 to put work in for the team. For me it’s about going there, meeting developers, previewing games and getting my ass on the computer to write about them so you readers will be well informed. Of course there will be time for parties and networking too, but partying is not what you should be going to E3 for if you run a website. Remember it’s not enough to love video games to run a site like this successfully; you have to be a hard worker at the same time.

That’s all I pretty much have to say this week. Next week I will share some more of my thoughts, as we get closer to one of the biggest events in gaming. Someday I hope I can experience the Tokyo Games Show too.

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