Pokemon Black and White Themed DSi Bundle Announced

Pokémon fans will be happy to know that Pokémon Black and White will be getting a themed DSi bundle. The Pokémon Company announced that the bundle will come with either Pokémon Black or White, and a Nintedo DSi of the respective game colour, however the DSi will be Pokémon themed. The colour of the DSi will depend on which version of the Generation V game the player chooses, also the DSi will have that game version’s name engraved onto it.

New legendary Pokémon Reshirom and Zekrom will have their outlines printed on both DSi’s no matter what bundle the player chooses. The Pokémon Black and White bundle looks fantastic I find it tempting to purchase. Hopefully the bundle will be released in the US and UK in time for the Pokémon Black and White release, but who knows? Anyway the bundle will be released in Japan November 20th at 19,800 yen so if you can’t wait for the bundle to make its way across the sea you can always import it.

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