PS3 Finally Proves Profitable To Sony

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This time last year Sony reported 37.1 Billion yen loss during the fiscal first quarter now the company are reporting net profits of 25.7 Billion yen. Sony believes the doubled sales of their PlayStation 3 was a major player to reclaiming  32.9 Billion yen in losses and reducing the loss in the Networked Products and Services to 3.8 Billion yen.

Sony has come out and said that the PlayStation 3 sold 15 Million units worldwide this fiscal year a record high for the company which has put the install base of the PS3 to 38 Million. Software sales for the PS3 platform have also increased having gone from 14.8 Million to 24.8 Million, with games like God Of War 3 and Heavy Rain software sales should have been expected to go up. Also there has been a drop in PS2 and PSP sales as expected, but software sales for the PSP increased from 8.3 Million to 9.2 Million. I guess the Sony fanboys came through for Hideo Kojima’s Peacewalker and bought the game after all. Lets just hope that the next major PSP announcement is the PSP2.

So with everything described here in this post do you think Sony has what it takes to beat Microsoft in the console wars?

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