Is Lost Planet 2 Selling 1.5 Million Copies An Epic Fail?

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Capcom have revealed their financial results today showing a 90% drop in net income from the past couple of years. Capcom have directed the blame for their financial loss on the graphically amazing Lost Planet 2 and the credit crunch affecting the US and European market. Capcom did say that Super Street Fighter 4 and Monster Hunter Frontier Online for the Wii in Japan were their more dominant games, showing what they called “Steady Growth”. However it was said that Lost Planet 2, Monster Hunter Tri, and DS game Ghost trick are underachieving.

Many people would say that if a game sells over one million then it sold well, I always agree with that statement and it looks like Capcom agrees with me, because the sales for the quarter show Lost Planet 2 sold 1.5 Million copies, Super Street Fighter 4 1.3 Million copies sold, and Minster Hunter Tri with 690,000 copies sold. However some would say that this is not a good number for Lost Planet 2, what do you guys think?

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