Rage Interview With Creative Director Tim Willits

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What can I say about Rage? Apart from that it is going to be an amazing  first person shooter. At the Eurogamer Expo last weekend I had the chance to attend a Rage conference presented by Tim Willits the Creative Director of Rage and the Creative Producer. In the conference I managed to see gameplay footage of Rage, and the arsenal that is offered to the player is so huge that the game allows for each combat situation to be approached in many different ways.

id Tech 5 engine looks phenomenal arguably being the best game engine at the moment. I saw the Xbox 360 version of Rage in the conference running at 720p, and the way the game looked combined with the amount of detail Rage blew me away. Rage is something that gamers shouldn’t sleep on, and certainly have their eyes on this game. My interview with Tim Willits is below with everything you need to know about Rage.

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