Red Faction Battlegrounds Announced

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Another Red Faction game has been announced  this time for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Don Whiteford THQ’s digital creative director who worked on the Juice racing series who now works for THQ Digital Warrington announced that his new studio will be the ones behind Red Faction: Battlegrounds.

Those who play Red Faction: Battlegrounds will be able to unlock items in the upcoming Red Faction: Armageddon, the items that will be unlocked are yet to be revealed. The game has been described as a vehicle arena combat game consisting of mechs, tanks, and rovers, also Red Faction: Battlegrounds will support online with four players as well as local coop with four player split screen.

If you were thinking of getting Red Faction: Armageddon then now you have a reason to get Red Faction:Battlegrounds, because no one wants to be playing without those new unlockable items. No release date for Red Faction: Battlegrounds was given, but stay tuned to TheKoalition for more news.

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