The Last Story Gets 2011 Release Date

Fans awaiting Mistwalker’s RPG The Last Story will be pleased to know that the game finally has a release date. Yesterday at Nintendo’s Japanese press conference, it was announced that The Last story will not be released in 2010 like everyone had hoped for. Instead, the Last Story will be released in Japan for the Nintendo Wii on January 27, 2011. No release date was given for countries outside Japan. The reason for the 2011 release which was given by Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata was ” We want some more time to fine tune it.”

Earlier in the year Hironobu Sakaguchi said on the Mistwalker blog that he had been working on the game like it was his last. Hironobu Sakaguchi who created the Final Fantasy series, Blue Dragon series, and Lost Odyssey is expected to deliver another amazing game with The Last Story in 2011. Are you excited about the game and,do you think pushing the game back to make it better is a good idea?

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