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The Poll Data Is In: What Do You Think of The Reach Beta?

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Another week, another poll result. This past week we asked you (our readers) what you think of the Halo: Reach beta so far. 277 of you voted in total and I have the results right here. 45 of you (16%) said that it was the best Halo ever, based on the beta. 50 of you (18%) said that it was simply good. 91 of you (33%) said that you never even played the beta. And finally a whopping 91 of you (33%) said that it was trash. That is not a good look for a Halo game, but I bet it will still sell millions regardless.

The Koalition would like to thank all 277 people for voting. There is now a new poll up on the sidebar, so cast your vote and help us track the gamers opinion.

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