Eddy: The Pre-Order Cancelation

Ever since fellow writer A.B. Frasier started blogging about his Saturday hustling classes, I’ve been having an itch to have a blog entry of my own. Hopefully this isn’t a one time thing, but I hope to be blogging just about random things and thoughts related to gaming of course. What happened at Gamestop just a few minutes ago inspired me to kick this blogging thing off. So this is, ‘The Pre-Order Cancelation.’

I decided to take advantage of the great deal Gamestop has going on right now. Trade in two select games and get $40 off Red Dead Redemption. This was a deal I couldn’t miss, when a game like How To Train Your Dragon is on the list, you go for it. Anyways, I had previously reserved Halo: Reach, putting down exactly $14.61. My idea was to have the $40 on Red Dead Redemption and take the $14.61 from the Reach pre-order and move that to Red Dead. Simple shit.

Well this female employee wasn’t having it. She was persistent with her “sales pitch,” telling me how badly I wanted to keep the Reach pre-order. I know people who work at Gamestop, so I know they keep tabs on stuff like how many customers you got to reserve a game in a month or whatever. She then tells me, “You want to keep Halo pre-ordered, or it will sell out.” Can this happen? Sure. Will it happen? No Fucking way. You must be insane to think Microsoft wont ship a truck load of Reach copies to every store. Hell, not even Modern Warfare 2 sold out, least not where I live.

Feeling the urge to get what I wanted, I said to her in a very asshole like tone, “the Reach beta sucked, I don’t want it.” I don’t feel this way but I just said it. She then gave her final “sales pitch”, “I’ll keep $5 down on Halo: Reach, and you’ll only need $1.13 to pay off Red Dead Redemption.” I sighed, as I knew I lost a battle with this Gamestop employee. With receipt in hand, I walked out of Gamestop with an L. I’m sure I could of got what I wanted but I hate talking to Gamestop employees and I hate being the douchebag at Gamestop that holds up the line to the register. I’m talking about you, the overweight mom looking for a Wii.

I’m not writing this to be anti-Gamestop because that’s pretty lame. People always complain about trade in rip-offs, well how about you don’t trade games in. Or they say Gamestop is paid by Microsoft to endorse and persuade customers to Xbox 360 games, well how about you go into the store knowing what you want. I’m simply writing this because it’s a slow news day, I wanted to blog, and for your entertainment. I still love you Gamestop.

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