$100 Gift Card with Kinect Bundle from Target or Toys ‘R Us

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Don’t have an Xbox 360 and really want one to play Kinect with the friends and family? This weekend is probably as good a time as ever to jump on the bus and shell out the cash to bring one into the home. For this weekend only Target is offering a special deal where if you buy one of their Kinect bundles, they will throw in a $100 gift card for use at Target or Toys ‘R Us. The bundle costs $299, but you get it for $199 and $100 worth of other Target goodies. The bundle comes with a the 360 system, 1 wireless controller, the Kinect essentials and Kinect Adventures game. The system only comes with a 4GB hard drive though, so you might want to use that new gift card and upgrade a bit. Overall, pretty solid value given the gift card.

What do you think of this deal? If I had the money, I would consider it, if anything just getting it for some family seems worth it possibly. Leave your comments below!

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