World Map Included With Preorder Copies of Skyrim

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UPDATE: The map included in the preorder will be of a higher quality material than paper, like the maps that came with Oblivion. The map will be a thicker fabric, similar to burlap. All regular copies will still receive the paper map. Source. And thanks to Heringd9 and Rhodrip for the tips in the comments!

ORIGINAL STORY: A smidgen of detail around bonuses for those buying Skyrim is finally out. No news on special editions, or big preorde bundles yet, but there is some news to sink your teeth into. If you pre-order Skyrim, you get a big, real, physical replica of the map. Hopefully this paper map turns out as amazing as the in-game variety promises to be, with its 3d geography and real time representation.

What do you think of the news? This is nothing special in my opinion, as Oblivion had copies of the map inside every copy if I am not mistaken, as did Morrowind I believe. I am waiting to find out what the other bonuses and the collector’s versions will include. I can tell you right now: I will be getting the collector’s edition, without a doubt.

Source: Game Informer

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