Classic Controller Support Coming to Madden Wii

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It’s about time, if you ask me. I first played Madden on the Wii with Madden 08 and while the motion controls were pretty cool at first, after long sessions it gets tiring that every pass has to be moving your arm, every stiff arm or juke is moving your arm, even every hike of the ball! Rest easy Wii-Maddenites (if you exist) because now you can play with a nice regular classic controller. The information was confirmed on Kotaku via a Tweet by Executive Madden Producer Phil Frazier.

I remember back on Madden 08 on the Wii one of the great things about that game that I have yet to see happen in Madden on other systems (not sure if the Wii still has this feature) is the “Call Your Shots” feature. This feature allows you to literally draw on the screen audible routes for your receivers. This was a great feature becuase of the limitations in the base audible system. If you wanted your guy to run a streak for 10-yards, hook into the left, then go back up on a streak, that is too complicated normally but you could do it with this system!

Maybe this feature will show up in Madden on other consoles one day, it is pretty much the only thing I miss when I play Madden on other systems. At least the Wii is getting a little more attention, that’s never a bad thing!

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