Halo CE Anniversary Adds Halo 2’s Headlong Map

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A map announcement isn’t usually the type of subject matter I feel the need to write about. This particular map announcement has me feeling passionate enough to tell you about it. As you may already know, Halo CE Anniversary comes packed with the original Halo campaign in HD, along with the multiplayer maps from that game to be played in Halo Reach. Today, Microsoft announced that one of the maps included in the redesign is Halo 2 fan favorite, Headlong.

Headlong, now known as Breakneck, is guilty of taking hours away from my teenage years. Halo 2 is without a doubt one of my top 3 games ever. From the day it came out in 2004, to the day I got my Xbox 360 in June 2007 that was the ONLY game I played. Sure I missed out on some great games in between but I could of cared less at the time. I remember playing a number of Assault and CTF matches in this map, yelling at my stupid teammates to either grab the flag or plant the bomb. Sad as it may sound, that might be the best time of my 22 year old life.

Anyways, here’s a batch of screenshots featuring Breakneck and the Pillar of Autumn mission in Halo.

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