LG Aims To Have PS3 Banned In The US

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Uh-Oh, It looks like a war of the tech giants is brewing. Korean company LG is trying to have Sony’s Playstation 3 console banned in the US for apparent patent infringements. A document which can be seen here, was sent to Eurogamer and shows that LG’s complaint with Sony is due to patent infringements in relation to “certain electronic devices having a Blu-Ray Disc player and components thereof.” The playstation 3 model no. CECH-2501A is the only product listed in the document, although it is also said that LG wish to have Sony Bravia TV’s prevented from being sold. The ITC are the ones with the power to block imports of products that violate US patents and thus LG are trying to get their attention on the matter.

Apparently this whole affair is revenge for LG due to Sony formally bringing a case against them for patents breached on LG’s line of mobile phones. If this is true then it just goes to show how far bad blood in business can go. What will this mean for the gaming industry if LG succeeds? Let us know your thoughts.


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