This Week In Games (Week Ending February 13th)

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This Week In Games (*based on European and North American release dates unless stated otherwise)

About A Blob (Tales From Space)
[PS3 via PSN]

This puzzle platforming not only looks good aesthetically, the gameplay actually looks pretty dope too!

[PS3 via PSN]

‘Splosion Man eat your heart out, there’s a new king of ‘Sploding in town! To be fair, Explodemon doesn’t look quite as good as Twisted Pixel’s XBLA game but early reports indicate that this is still worth checking out.


Plants vs. Zombies
[PS3 via PSN]

I LOVE Plants vs. Zombies, I also LOVE my PS3… If like me you love those two things then you already know what you should be playing this week. I just wish it had Move support!

Mario Sports Mix

Rather than creating four separate Mario Sports games, Nintendo has decided to release a compilation instead. I went hands on with this game last year but wasn’t too impressed, hopefully the game has improved since then.


[PS3 via PSN, Xbox 360 via XBLA]

A game based on Russian Stacking dolls may not sound too exciting but Tim Schafer and his Double Fine cohorts have continually proved that they are able to release quality titles, therefore I will reserve judgment until I play the game for myself. The fact that Stacking will be free for all PS+ Subscribers (or at least European and American ones) doesn’t hurt either.


Test Drive Unlimited 2
[PS3, Xbox 360, PC]

I won’t sit here and pretend to care about TDU2 (or any other racing sim for that matter) but for if that sort of thing floats your boat then you should definetly sail down to your local game store this week and pick this bad boy up.


Trinity: Zill O’ll Zero
[PS3, Xbox 360]

Another game I won’t pretend to care about is KOEI’s new action RPG ‘Trinity Zill O’ll Zero’. Sure the trailer looks cool but by now I know better than to trust a KOEI developed game. Hopefully reviews will prove me wrong but I’m expecting this game to be middling at best.


You Don’t Know Jack
[PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, PC] – US Release Only

There are several Trivia games on the market, but finding a good one tends to be the more challenging than the games themselves. However THQ’s You Don’t Know Jack reboot actually looks like a winner. Giant Bomb’s quick look made me a believer but unfortunately the game probably won’t be released outside of the US.

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