MMO Fallen Earth Will Soon Adopt Free-to-Play Model

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I am not too sure if many of the other folks here at the Koalition and/or the readers are into MMO gaming very much, as I have not heard or seen much chatter about it, but when I found out about this I had to make a post. Fallen Earth is an MMO developed by Icarus Studios. It launched in late 2009 as a pay-to-play game and gathered a relatively solid following, but as many other MMOs have seen, is ultimately struggling to stay relevant. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, extremely similar to that of the Fallout series, except is created using topographical maps of the Grand Canyon area in the United States. The game sports 3rd-person or 1st-person melee and gun combat, a robust crafting system as well as PvP and many forms of transportation players can use and even create.

I have always been interested in giving this game a try, but I personally tend to stay away from trials of pay-to-play games, as I never plan on subscribing, so I try to avoid the temptation. However, now GamersFirst has bought the rights to the game and is planning on relaunching it soon as a free-to-play game with various tiers of membership. This idea is not new, as many other games have gone through a free-to-play transition recently (EverQuest II, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Global Agenda and APB Reloaded which was also picked up by GamersFirst and is in open-beta testing.)

So, what does this news mean to you? For me, it means I will hopefully be trying out a new MMO. There are really not any other MMOs out there with this setting, so hopefully it turns out okay! Leave a comment below! And check out the link below for all the details!

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