New Asura’s Wrath Trailer From Gamescom

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For those that don’t know, this game was announced by Capcom at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show. It’s a beat-em-up action game to be released for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. There hasn’t been too much shown on this game, but we now have this trailer straight from Gamescom, and as you can see it look like a very original beat-em-up. The gameplay is unlike any other beat-em-up out there, as Tsyachiya has said the following about Asura’s Wrath:

“Asura’s fighting style will change according to the story. Asura’s fighting styles are all predicated from the dramatic story or beats within the game. At certain points in the game, if Asura get extremely angry, you might see him fight with six arms. At even later points in the game, Asura might get beat down and lose most of his arms.”

Check out the trailer and let us know your thoughts.

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