Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour Supports High-Fives On Kinect

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Do you like playing with mechs? If so, Steel Battalion Heavy Armour might be for you. The game originally came out during the original Xbox’s run and was published by Capcom. I guess Capcom see a lack of mech games out on the market today and have decided to partner up with developer From Software to deliver a mech game featuring Kinect. Yup, Steel Battalion Heavy Armour will be an Xbox 360 exclusive that requires Kinect.

To be perfectly accurate, the game will feature a mix of controller based controls and Kinect functionalities. Players will use Kinect for features like starting the engine, turret and intereacting with your crew members by giving them a high five via Kinect. No Joke. Luckily, the mech movements will all be done with a controller, which stops this game from be an on-rails shooter.

The first trailer for the game isn’t very good. The screenshots do more for me than the trailer. I’m also not the biggest fan of mech games, but I’m sure Kinect owners are starving for these type of mature games. Capcom is expecting to receive an M-rating for this title.

Check out the batch of new assets below. Let me know what you think.

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