New Black Ops Map Pack “Escalation” Confirmed

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GAME’s Australia recently leaked information surrounding the next Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack. Since then, Activision has confirmed the information as correct and it will be heading to the 360 on May 3rd. The pack will include 4 multiplayer maps and a new zombie map, Game Informer explains:

  • Hotel puts players in a Cuban luxury resort so they can shoot each other in style
  • Convoy is a tight map centered on an ambushed U.S. military convoy
  • Zoo takes place in an abandoned Soviet zoo
  • Stockpile is a sleepy Russian village that holds secret WMDs
  • Zombies players will get “a unique Zombies experience”

No details were released about PS3 and PC versions of the pack, but you can probably expect the PS3 version within a month after the 360 version and the PC version to come shortly after that, if First Strike’s release schedule is any indication. As for the maps themselves, the ideas sound pretty cool! The Stadium in First Strike was pretty awesome and the idea of fighting in an abandoned zoo sounds great as well. Maybe there will be real animals in the zoo? Things could get pretty interesting…


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