White Knight Chronicles 2 Coming to the US this Summer

For those that don’t know, White Knight Chronicles (WKC) is a PS3 RPG series that started in Japan and is developed by Level 5 studios (behind such games as the Dark Cloud series, Dragon Quest VIII, and Rogue Galaxy.) The game was originally released in Japan in 2008 and was later released in the USA as White Knight Chronicles International Edition. The International Edition of the game provided support for additional languages like French and English, as well as many other additions like subquests that can be completed alone or online with people, the ability to create online villages and visit your friend’s villages, as well as voice chat support. As a huge fan of RPG’s, I personally loved the first game and am very excited to hear the sequel is coming to the US this summer, as confirmed by Sony and reported by G4 and Pinoy Tutorial.

Level 5 is known for creating quality RPG experiences, WKC2 should be no different.

In contrast to the first game in the series, it is not being published by Sony Computer Entertainment American (SCEA) but will be published instead by D3Publishers. This edition of WKC2 will also include the entire first game (WKC) on the disc. So, if you happened to miss the first one you can get both for the price of one, or, you can simply buy the disc to own both and skip right ahead to the second game. WKC2 sports loads of changes and improvements over the first game, including a better combat system, improves graphics and a more engaging story. A full list of changes can be found here as they have been adapted to English from multiple Japanese sites by a member of the FFTogether forum.


Here’s (hopefully) looking forward to another great RPG from Level 5!