Apple Introduces The New iPad – On Sale March 16th!

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After almost a year of speculation Apple have finally revealed the iPad 3, or “The new iPad” as they’d like us to call it. As expected, the device boasts a 2045×1536  retina display, a quad-core A5X processor, an improved camera which supports 1080p video recording and is 4G LTE compatible – providing you opt for the 4G model.

On the gaming front, Epic Games announced “Infinity Blade: Dungeons” which has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of the iPad 3. Unlike previous Infinity Blade games, Dungeons will be a Diablo-style dungeon crawler that allows players to craft their own weapons. Namco also announced a flight sim called Sky Gamblers and Apple confirmed that existing iPad games will automatically upscale when displayed on the iPad 3 (although they still encourage devs to update their apps accordingly).

The new iPad will go on sale March 16th, Apple are currently taking pre-orders on their official website (links below!).

New iPad – Wifi Models:
16GBs (£399) ($499)
32GBs (£479) ($599)
64GB (£559) ($699)

New iPad – 4G Models
16GBs (£499) ($629)
32GBs (£579) ($729)
64GBs (£659) ($829)

iPad 2 – Wifi Models:
16GBs  (£329) ($399)

iPad 2 – 3G Models
16GBs  (£429) ($529)

The New iPad Commercial

Infinity Blade: Dungeons Trailer

Watch Apple’s full press conference here.

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