Peter Molyneux Leaves Lionhead Studios, Microsoft

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Peter Molyneux has today announced that he has left his role at Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Studios Europe. Molyneux will continue to oversee development on Fable: The Journey as a creative consultant, but as of now he’s no longer a creative director at Microsoft Studios. He confirmed via tweet earlier today that he is now apart of of a new venture known as 22 Cans.

Peter Molyneux was responsible for founding Lionhead Studios 15 years ago, and has since developed some of the most memorable Xbox titles such as, Fable 1-3 and Black & White.

“I remain extremely passionate and proud of the people, products and experiences that we created from Black & White to Fable to our pioneering work with Milo and Kate for the Kinect platform.

“However, I felt the time was right to pursue a new independent venture. I’d like to thank the team at Lionhead, as well as our partners at Microsoft Studios for their support, dedication and incredible work over the years.”

The Koalition would like to salute Peter Molyneux and wish him luck in his future endeavours

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