Dragon’s Dogma 2 Details Begin To Emerge

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After selling over a million copies since the game’s release back in May, Capcom officially announced Dragon’s Dogma as a new IP and promised more DLC and sequels in the near future.

Today, the Official Playstation Magazine leaked out details about Dragon’s Dogma 2 straight from an interview in Famitsu magazine. Here are two of the most interesting points that the game’s creator mentioned in regards to the sequel:

 Series Creator Hideaki Itsuno stated that only about 60% or 70% of his ideas for the fantasy RPG made it into the finished game, and that the world size was also only about two thirds of what he intended. There is also a high possibility that a Quest Creation mode will be implemented as it’s on his To-Do list.

While these details may be scarce for now, fans of the original game can rejoice knowing that a follow up is in the works. If for any reason you still haven’t picked up the first game, then feel free to check out our review and see if it sounds like something that interests you.

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