Guild Wars 2 Confirmed for 2012 Release

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If you asked me what games I would be looking forward to the most in 2012 a month ago (like we talked about on The Co-Op) I would not have listed Guild Wars 2. Why? Because this game seemed to almost reach Duke Nukem Forever levels of mythical status, except for good reasons this time! The game has been hyped, talked about, rehyped, and talked about more for a long time (as far as games are concerned) and the anticipation is very high. Most MMO gamers would honestly tell you they are just as excited, if not more so, for this game than they were for The Old Republic.

With all of that hype talk out of the way, the announcement is finally here: Guild Wars 2 will be releasing this year. This isn’t the end of the announcements, though. In February we will see “select press” invited to a limited beta, followed by a wider audience testing it in March and April. Hopefully this points towards a late Spring and/or early Summer release date!

For more information check out the link posted above, and look forward to the next episode of Turn Based. We will definitely discuss this one! Let us know what you think of the news in the comments below!

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