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Love Mila Ft. Krypt, Swagger Jagger, Ramz, Swiff Epics (3rd single)

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For the 3rd single from our upcoming EP “Doritos & MTN Dew” we decided to parody Chief Keef’s Love Sosa and flip it into a declaration of love to our favorite celebrity Mila Kunis. The song (named Love Mila) features Krypt, Swagger Jagger, Ramz and Swiff Epics and is one of our more humorous songs from the EP.

To accompany the song, the fabulous Electro Jade put together some amazing visuals of Mila Kunis herself. To be honest, after seeing the amazing job that Electro Jade did, we actually felt guilty for tainting it with our obscenities. Speaking of which, please don’t listen to this song around children, as all of us have foul potty mouths.

Doritos and MTN Dew Cover

So far we’ve released Out of Order, C.O.D Call of Duty and Love Mila as singles. But we have a lot more to look forward to once Doritos & MTN Dew drops on Xmas Day next week. So if you want to hear Swiff Epics and Snot Boogie (Edward) go back and forth on a song about SNES & Genesis; or if you want to know exactly how The Koalition began in rhyme form, then be sure to get the EP as soon as it drops next week.

Once again, we don’t mean to offend anybody with any of our words. We are video game journalists, hence this stuff is all fun and games. Be sure to let us know how much we suck in the comments below.

Disclaimer: The Koalition holds no responsibility over any damages occurred as a result of the release of The Koalition EP. We do not intend to ruin the credibility of any individuals with a worldwide audience. Please send all hate, cease and desist, and death threats to GAS Media LLP. If you’re Mila Kunis and wish to have this song removed, then please submit your phone number to our contact form so we can talk it about.

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