Naughty Dog Unveils Uncharted 3 “Shade Survival” DLC Video

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Naughty Dog has given a sneak peek at the newest Uncharted 3 DLC, Shade Survival, which will be available on PSN March 13th. This new cooperative mode will see you facing off against waves of Djinn, who will use fire and teleportation to kill you and your friends.

The download also includes new medals to earn and different objectives will present themselves over 8 waves of enemies. Success will require coordination and skill, as your enemies have a host of powers at their disposal (especially in later waves).

This DLC is free for Fortune Hunters’ Club subscribers, and will be the next to last piece of DLC included in the bundle. If you aren’t a subscriber, you can still sign up and get a lot of previously released DLC options. The pack will also be available as a separate purchase for $5.99 US.

Naughty Dog also hinted at the last bit of DLC to be included for Fortune Hunters’ Club members, which will be revealed and released in April.

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