#NewMusic: Wiz Khalifa – Telescope (Feat. 50 Cent)

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The type of news which fellow writer Gary A. Swaby would be typing up, Wiz Khalifa returns with new track “Telescope” after his tweet which simply states “look at them and look at me…” lead towards a song featuring 50 Cent, produced by Happy Fraud…

The combination between these two artists is actually not bad considering the topic of the song: an artist who has now made it in the world and banked so much money he can now boast on the next 12 tracks made just how much better he is towards society. You can look at this is either something decent to bump to, as the beat is quite a decent “bop your face” to feel, or you can see this as the new direction of what hip hop can have left to survive. Your choice.

Overall, let us know your thoughts on the track below.

Written by Rameez Quadri From TEN

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