Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Available June 26

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Mass Effect 3 was a great game, but the ending left many gamers (myself included) wanting more closure. Bioware has heeded the call, and the “extended cut” will be available next week.

This new, free DLC will expand the endings with new cutscenes and dialogue that will elaborate on the state of the universe after the effects of Mass Effect 3. The ending won’t actually change, but will simply add details after the fact.

It will be interesting to see how much detail is added. Bioware has said that the download will be almost 2 gigabytes, which seems like a lot of new content. I think everybody can agree that more closure will be good for long-time fans, and Bioware hopes to quell some of the anger caused by what many have described as “cookie-cutter endings”.

For more information about the DLC, including interviews with¬†Community Manager Jessica Merizan, Executive Producer Casey Hudson, and Lead Writer Mac Walters, you can visit Bioware’s Blog.

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