The Koalition Presents: “Doritos & Mtn. Dew” EP

Listen to this article finally presents the long awaited EP titled “Doritos & Mtn. Dew“.

This project started off as a few “one-off songs” made for our own amusement. Before we knew it, the whole thing grew arms and legs and eventually we decided to make an EP. Today’s release date is fitting and deliberate as this is our Christmas present to all you dedicated Koalitioners.

On “Doritos & Mtn. Dew“, The Koalition crew have written songs that reflect their views on the video game industry. We have also written a very special song dedicated to Mila Kunis, which is our latest single, titled “Love Mila” This one is sure to shock some and amuse others at the same time. Check out the “Love Mila” video made by our very own talented Electro Jade!

The other two singles that dropped for “Doritos & Mtn. Dew” are “Out of Order” which is a song directed at the video game industry in the year 2012 and “C.O.D” which is a parody song of Bangs‘ “Take U To Da Movies“.

We also have made our own spin on Chief Keef‘s “I Don’t Like” which goes by the very same title.

It’s not all fun and games on this EP though as we also have two tracks which take a more serious note in the shape of “SNES & Genesis” which is a self-explanatory title and the other track being the last of the EP titled “The Koalition” which everyone participated in. It was even produced by our very own Snot Boogie.

Everyone at The Koalition put quite a lot of work into writing their verses to try and make them as entertaining as possible for all you loyal visitors.

I had the pleasure and (sometimes displeasure) of mixing this EP which in itself was a big task. Don’t forget to check out my mixes dedicated to our new Editor-In-Chief, Richard Bailey Jr., as he is about to embark on taking to the next level in 2013.

So with that being said, check out the stream/download and remember to give feedback in the comments section (good or bad).

Disclaimer: The Koalition holds no responsibility over any damages occurred as a result of the release of the Doritos & Mtn. Dew EP. We do not intend to ruin the credibility of any individuals with a worldwide audience. Please send all hate, cease & desists and death threats to GAS Media LLP.

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