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Nintendo Announces the 2DS, Plays 3DS Games in 2D

Nintendo have today revealed the 2DS, the latest entry into their handheld series. The device can play all 3DS and DS games, but only in 2D. The 2DS is due for release in October for $129.


The device is clearly being aimed at kids as you can see above, after the release of the 3DS a lot of parents realised that the 3D hurt their eyes and I think that this put a lot of other parents off buying the system (even though you can turn it off!). One of the major pros of this device is the cheaper price point, something that wasn’t possible with the 3DS’ 3D technology.

Nintendo’s executive vice president of sales and marketing Scott Moffitt said to GI:

“Now we’re much closer to $100, which makes it much more affordable for them,” said Moffitt. “I think that was probably the audience we expected or intended to design the unit for.

“The ($99) DS still exists, so it’s really four [items in the lineup]. Certainly our emphasis and our priority is on the 3DS platform. That’s where we’ve made our commitment. That’s our future. So we are not developing gaming content for DS at this point. Our resources are focused on 3DS. But that’ll still be in the lineup.


“Clearly our development efforts all include 3D games. Our installed base, we have eight million units installed. If 3D wasn’t selling and wasn’t part of our future, we wouldn’t be seeing and enjoying the robust sales we have on 3DS right now. The 3DS is the number one gaming platform on the market. We’re having a very good year with 3DS. Our games continue to sell extremely well. Our forecast for pretty much everything we’ve launched this year has surprised us on the positive side.

“We’ve been very happy with the 3DS part of our business. This is really all about addressing that next opportunity in the US market. If we can get to that in another way… get to a price point of $129 with 3D functionality, it didn’t look like it was possible,” he said. “That’s the reason. It’s less about wanting to have 3D in and it’s more about trying to get to the value price point that’s going to allow us to open up that next part of the market.”

Check out the video embedded at the top for a closer look at the system, it certainly seems like an interesting move from Nintendo but a smart one. by getting the price down they are opening it up to a lot of people. The 3D was a great gimmick but I don’t know anybody who actually uses it, I don’t!

Let me know in the comments what you think about the 2DS, do you think this will sell or crash and burn?

The 2DS is due for release in October for $129. No word on international dates or prices yet.

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