Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Gets Launch Trailer, Game is Still Awesome

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This is some seriously breaking news right here. We’ve already reviewed Baldur’s Gate I: Enhanced Edition when it released and we have our review of II in the works already, but all you players out there haven’t gotten your hands on the game yet! Well, thankfully the folks over at Beamdog have at least provided a nice, shiny, new launch trailer to feed your eyeballs until you play the final product.

Remember: this is not a remake, but rather an enhanced edition. Visuals have been cleaned up and enough went into this to warrant the re-release for current rigs and devices, but it is not meant to be a complete remake or overhaul. With that being said, it looks great and should surely appeal to both fans of the original and newcomers alike.

Key Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Features:

  • Both Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal expansions
  • Improved graphics and gameplay
  • Four new allies for your party, each with unique quest storylines
  • The Black Pits 2: Gladiators of Thay, an arena challenge that puts players’ tactical skills to the ultimate test

The game releases on PC on November 15th, 2013 and is now available for preloading if you preordered over on the Beamdog site for about $25. The original game released way back in 2000 and is often regarded as one of the, if not the absolute, greatest RPG of all-time.

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