Batman: Arkham Collection Brings Asylum, City and Origins Together

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Warner Bros. today announced that the Batman: Arkham Collection will be coming to the UK on November 22, bringing Asylum, City and Origins together in one package.

The package contains Batman: Arkham Origins on a disc and codes for both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. The PC version of this package contains the Game of the Year editions of Asylum and City and the PS3 version includes the Knightfall add-on for Origins. There has been no price announcement for this bundle and we have not yet heard if this deal will be coming to the US. I can’t think of any reason why it would not!

I think it’s strange how the package for each platform contains different things, surely it would have been nice to include everything in every version of the game. The Batman games are very well liked so this would be a great gift for someone who hasn’t played them yet. Hopefully a US version gets announced soon, it’s pretty strange that this is a UK thing right now.

Batman: Arkham Collection arrives in the UK on November 22 on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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