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The 10 Most Embarrassing Moments In Hip-Hop

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DJ Khaled set tongues wagging this week after his embarrassing marriage proposal to Nicki Minaj during a recent MTV interview. This is far from the first embarrassing moment in Hip-Hop history. TheKoalition.com looks back at the 10 most embarrassing moments in Hip-Hop:

10. Ace Hood’s Fake Watch Falling Apart

Since the days of Big Daddy Kane and Rakim, rappers have prided themselves on the flashiest jewellery. From the basic gold chains to the ridiculous chains of their own faces, we’ve seen it all in regards to Hip-Hop and jewellery – or so we thought.

Florida rapper Ace Hood appeared on the red carpet at the 2013 BET awards and conducted an interview with Bow Wow.

During this interivew, his watch decided to fall apart. Not only was the incident on TV, the camera man zoomed into the fugazi timepiece whilst Ace Hood was desperately trying to screw it back together.

When you spend so much money on a watch, certain things are not supposed to happen. My jeweller, I definitely had to fire the jeweller. He going through it, man.

– Ace Hood – Power 106 Interview

9. Too Short Running From The Cops

In March 2013, Oakland rapper Too Short was charged with drug possession after being stopped by police for a traffic violation. He was given the usual tests and routine to see if he was intoxicated.

During this process, Too Short decided to try and leave in spectacular fashion however, it didn’t quite work out that way. During his short sprint, he tripped over!

Possession of a controlled substance; I thought it was a D.U.I., I was tryin’ to avoid a D.U.I.

– Too Short – March 20th, 2013

8. 2Pac In His Back-up Dancer Days

Legendary rapper Tupac Shakur‘s story in Hip-Hop started from humble beginnings.

He first got into the industry with Shock G‘s Digital Underground group. Not as a rapper – but a back-up dancer!

Not only was 2Pac a back-up dancer, he was dressed in swimming trunks and humping blow-up dolls live on stage.

Eventually, they put him on a track which allowed him to shine and go on to become one of the greatest rappers of all-time!

2Pac Bikini embarrassing

I was homeless at the time, that’s what I had to do. You have to work from one point to go to another point.

– Tupac Shakur

7. The Game’s Appearance On ‘Change of Heart’

Compton rapper The Game burst onto the Hip-Hop scene in 2005 with his classic debut album “The Documentary” which many have proclaimed was the album that brought back west coast gangsta-rap.

He would then go on to have an infamous beef with former colleagues G-Unit and to be more particular, 50 Cent. During this beef, G-Unit discovered some interesting footage of the Dr. Dre protege.

It was footage of The Game’s appearance on a TV program called ‘Change of Heart’. It was essentially a dating show. He was embarrassed on the show when his love-interest dumped him on national TV.

The video speaks for itself!

6. Eminem 69’ing With Bruno

At the 2009 MTV awards, Eminem found himself in an embarrassing situation when Sacha Baron Cohen a.K.a ‘Bruno‘ came down from the ceiling and landed on top of the Detroit rapper.

He remained there for a good 10 seconds whilst Eminem repeatedly asked “Are you serious?!”. He would then storm off in disgust.

Here comes the twist: it was all fake.

Cohen approached Eminem and suggested the stunt to which Em agreed to. They had rehearsed it all, including the mock-disgust.

5. Dr. Dre’s ‘World Class Wreckin Cru’ Pictures

dr dre world class wreckin cru Hip-Hop embarrassing

In 1992, legendary producer/rapper/mogul Dr. Dre had an infamous beef with former fellow NWA member Eazy-E.

They traded insults on songs such as “Dre Day” and “Real Muthaphukkin G’s“. Eazy-E went at Dre hard when he poked fun at Dre’s past – his World Class Wreckin Cru past to be more precise.

The World Class Wreckin Cru were an electro-rap group in-which Dr. Dre was a member of. The special thing about this is the promo shots and fashion sense. They are a far-cry from his then-1992 gangsta image. Eazy-E made fun of Dre’s appearance and even accused him of being a cross-dresser, saying Dre was “nothing but a she-thang”.

Damn it’s a trip how a nigga could switch so quick/

From wearin’ lipstick, to smoking on chronic at picnics/”

– Eazy-E – “Real Muthaphukkin G’s

4. 40 Glocc Getting Beat Up, Then Sues The Game

In July 2012, G-Unit affiliate 40 Glocc had an embarrassing altercation with Compton rapper The Game after leaving a party in Los Angeles. He was beaten up by his rival whilst The Game recorded the entire incident on his iPhone.

The pair had bad blood stemming from previous altercations with affiliates on both sides. 40 Glocc had a scuffle with Game-affiliate Compton Menace and The Game had nasty previous dealings with 40-affiliate Ras Kass. They both came to ahead in 2012 in-which 40 Glocc was beaten up and was shown stumbling into a hedge.

This embarrassing tale doesn’t end there though.

40 Glocc done the unthinkable and proceeded to sue The Game for $4.5m for assault and battery! It gets better – he also claimed the video tarnished his reputation by portraying him as a coward! The gangsta-rapper went against the number 1 rule in gangsta-rap – never snitch.

If you’re involved in gangs, you don’t fucking talk on your enemy like that. Not to nobody. In Cali, that’s just a no-no. You just don’t do that.

 – B-Real – DJ Vlad Interview – March 28th, 2013

3. DJ Khaled’s Proposal To Nicki Minaj

On July 25th, 2013, DJ Khaled took to MTV to do something that he wanted to do for quite some time – propose to Nicki Minaj.

The New Orleans DJ proclaimed his love for the female rapper in a cringe-worthy video and confessed that he’s had feelings for her for quite a while. In the video, Khaled said “Nicki Minaj, I’m at MTV and I wanna be honest with you; I love you.

He then shocked the Hip-Hop world even further when he showed off the engagement ring which is reportedly worth around $500k!

The next day, there were rumours flying around that Nicki Minaj subsequently filed for a restraining order on Khaled!

Some people speculated that it was a publicity stunt to sell his upcoming September album “Suffering From Success“, others aren’t putting it past DJ Khaled to pull off such an embarrassing incident. Khaled claims his feelings are all real:

I want to marry her! I was serious. She can take her time and think about it. At least she knows how I feel now.

– DJ Khaled – Us Magazine Interview – July 27th, 2013

I aint a young boy no more, I’m on my thinking the future. I just had to be honest. I always liked her. She’s my friend, of course. And I like her. It’s more than a crush.

– DJ Khaled – Power 106 Interview – July 26th, 2013

2. Lil Wayne Kissing Men

lil wayne kissing birdman embarrassing

YMCMB duo Lil Wayne and Birdman have history together. Some of that history involves kissing.

It seems unbelievable that two men involved in the Hip-Hop industry would ever kiss one-another but it has happened. The proof is in the picture above and the video below:

Both Weezy and Baby are also completely comfortable with it all.

That’s my son, ya heard me? If he was right here, I’d kiss him again. I kiss my daughter, my other son. I mean, you have children? Well, if you did, you’d understand what I meant with it. I just think people took that too far man. That’s my son. I’ll do it again tomorrow, I’ll kill for him. Ride and die for him.

– Birdman – Tim Westwood Interview – May 1st, 2009

In 2013, singer TQ revealed that Wayne and Baby kiss constantly.

People don’t understand, them dudes did that shit every day. They consider themselves Father and Son.

The embarrassing trait didn’t end there with Lil Wayne.

In 2012, a video appeared on WorldStarHipHop.com of Lil Wayne and singer Stevie J performing on stage in Miami. During their performance, it appears that Wayne and Stevie shared an intimate moment for everyone to see.

It gets even more interesting. Stevie J claims it wasn’t him!

I’m in LA. I can’t really tell? [**while watching the footage**] Hold on, play that again right there. [**plays the footage**]. That wasn’t me. I wasn’t in Miami but whatever someone feels they need to do, let them do that. I’m in the studio making hits.

– Stevie J – Necole Bitchie Interview – October 9th, 2012

1. Mister Cee Arrested Several Times For Suspect Behaviour

In March 2011, veteran DJ Mister Cee was arrested in New York for public lewdness and exposure. To get even more detailed, those charges stemmed from Mister Cee engaging in sexual acts with another man in his car.  Officer Lindsay Agard gave details involving an “exposed, naked and erect penis” in the mouth of a Lawrence “Brookle-Lynne” Campbell. The complaint also stated that Campbell was seen with his “mouth and lips in an up-and-down motion consistent with oral sex.” Basically, Mister Cee was the receiver.

His colleague Funkmaster Flex declared him as innocent:

Earlier this evening, a rumor went viral through multiple social media platforms stating that Mr. Cee was arrested for committing a lewd act. Please be advised this rumor is not true. Stating false allegations about somebody and presenting it as valid information is unethical.

Funkmaster Flex – 2011

Even though he initially denied it all, Mister Cee would later plead guilty to those charges. The judge ordered him to 3 months or 12 sessions worth of counselling.

Oh, but it doesn’t end there for Mister Cee.

In May 2013, he was arrested for trying to soliciting a male prostitute. The prostitute in-question was an undercover cop! Cee later claimed that it was a female prostitute.

Thursday night, Friday morning, I was approached by a female undercover cop. A female, Latino, undercover cop. Not a male cop. The female undercover cop, I have her badge number. So I know who it is.

– Mister Cee – Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Interview – May 6th, 2013

He proclaims to this day that he is not gay.

Do you agree with the order of the list? Do you have any other embarrassing Hip-Hop moments in mind that should have made the list? Leave a comment below and let us know all about it.

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